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I should have written this post earlier in the month, because that’s when my unique ordeal with COMING DAWN (Devin Gray 2) began…but my publisher…
2022 was my busiest year in quite a while. Three book releases: DEEP SLEEP (January), VINDICTA-Black Flagged 6 (June) and COMING DAWN (October ). To say…
Before the year ends, I wanted to revisit the something that has weighed heavily on me for a number of months. The untimely passing of Matthew Mather…
If you already received this, I sincerely apologize. Substack experienced an outage of some sort right as I sent this earlier today.
With the year rapidly coming to a close, I wanted to THANK EVERYONE for making 2022 one of the most rewarding years of my author career. Every year is…
A quick hit before the “official” holiday season kicks into full gear. I don’t know about you, but I’m already feeling the pinch. Lights are up. Tree is…
And a quick peek at what "might" be the Devin Gray 3 cover. No promises.
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